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Monday, February 24, 2014


1.              Up All Night
Released on November 2011, It was #1 on iTunes and broke a record when it became #1 on the Billboard 200 Albums Chart.
[hide]Standard Edition
1."What Makes You Beautiful"Rami YacoubCarl FalkSavan KotechaYacoub , Falk3:18
2."Gotta Be You"Steve Mac, August RigoMac4:04
3."One Thing"Yacoub , Falk , KotechaYacoub , Falk3:17
4."More Than This"Jamie ScottRawlings, Paul Meehan3:48
5."Up All Night"Kotecha , Matt SquireSquire3:12
6."I Wish"Yacoub , Falk , KotechaYacoub , Falk3:35
7."Tell Me A Lie"Kelly Clarkson, Tom Meredith, Sheppard SolomanMeredith, Soloman3:15
8."Taken"Toby GadLindy RobbinsHarry Styles,Liam PayneLouis TomlinsonNiall Horan,Zayn MalikToby Gad3:55
9."I Want"Tom FletcherBiffco, Howes2:51
10."Everything About You"Steve RobsonWayne HectorStyles ,Payne , Tomlinson , Horan , MalikRobson3:35
11."Same Mistakes"RobsonHector , Styles , Payne ,Tomlinson , Horan , MalikRobson3:37
12."Save You Tonight"RedOne, BeatGeek, Jimmy Joker, Teddy Sky, AJ Junior, Alaina Beaton, KotechaRedOne , BeatGeek, Jimmy Joker3:24
13."Stole My Heart"Scott , MeehanRawling, Meehan3:25

2.           Take Me Home
Released on November 12, 2012, 
[hide]Standard Edition
1."Live While We're Young"Rami YacoubCarl FalkSavan KotechaYacoubFalk3:20
2."Kiss You"ShellbackYacoubFalkKotecha, Kristin Lundin, Kristoffer FogelmarkAlbin NedlerYacoubFalk,Shellback3:03
3."Little Things"Ed SheeranFiona BevanJake Gosling3:39
4."C'mon, C'mon"Julian BunettaJamie ScottJohn RyanBunetta2:45
5."Last First Kiss"FogelmarkNedlerKotechaYacoubFalk,Payne,
6."Heart Attack"ShellbackKotechaYacoubFalk, LundinYacoubFalk,Shellback2:56
7."Rock Me"
Allan Grigg, Sam Hollander, Peter Svensson, Lukasz Gottwald, Henry Walter
Dr. Luke, Cirkut, Emily Wright3:20
8."Change My Mind"YacoubFalkKotechaYacoubFalk3:32
9."I Would"Tom FletcherDanny Jones, Dougie PoynterBunetta, Sam Waters3:21
10."Over Again"Sheeran, Robert Conlon, Alexander GowersGosling3:02
11."Back For You"FogelmarkNedlerKotechaYacoubFalk,Payne,
12."They Don't Know About Us"Tebey Ottoh, Tommy Lee James, Peter Wallevik, Tommy Gregersen, Tomlinson,StylesOttoh, Bunetta3:20
13."Summer Love"Steve RobsonWayne HectorLindy RobbinsPayneTomlinsonMalikStyles,HoranRobson3:28

3.      Midnight Memories
Midnight Memories cover

Released on November 25, 2013, reached number one in over ninety countries including the United Kingdom and the USA.
[hide]Standard Edition
1."Best Song Ever"Wayne HectorJohn Ryan, Haille Walker,Julian   Bunetta, Ed Drewett      Julian Bunetta3:20
2."Story of My Life"Jamie ScottJohn RyanJulian BunettaNiall Horan, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles      Julian Bunetta4:05
3."Diana"John RyanJulian BunettaJamie Scott,Louis Tomlinson and Liam Payne                                              Julian Bunetta, and      John Ryan3:05
4."Midnight Memories"Julian BunettaJamie ScottJohn Ryan,Louis Tomlinson and Liam PayneJulian Bunetta, and John Ryan2:56
5."You & I"Hector , Mich Hansen, Bunetta , Harry Johnson, Joseph Belmaati, Alistair Tennant Julian Bunetta, and John Ryan3:57
6."Don't Forget Where You Belong"Niall Horan, Tom Fletcher, Danny Jones,Dougie PoynterDanny Jones, Dougie Poynter, and Tom Fletcher4:01
7."Strong"Louis Tomlinson, John Ryan, Jamie Scott, and Julian BunettaJulian Bunetta, and John Ryan3:04
8."Happily"Harry Styles, Savan Kotecha, and Carl Falk          Carl Falk2:55
9."Right Now"Ryan Tedder, Liam PayneHarry Styles,Louis Tomlinson         Ryan Tedder3:20
10."Little Black Dress"Liam Payne , Louis Tomlinson , Julian Bunetta , John Ryan , and John Theodore GeigerJulian Bunetta , John Ryan , and John Theodore Geiger2:37
11."Through The Dark"Liam Payne , Louis Tomlinson , Jamie Scott , and Toby SmithJamie Scott , and Toby Smith3:41
12."Something Great"Harry Styles , Jacknife Lee , and Gary Lightbody (of Snow Patrol)       Jacknife Lee3:56
13."Little White Lies"Liam Payne , Louis Tomlinson , Julian Bunetta , Ed Drewett , John Ryan , and Wayne HectorJulian Bunetta and John Ryan3:17
14."Better Than Words"Liam Payne , Louis Tomlinson , Julian Bunetta , John Ryan , and Jamie ScottJulian Bunetta and John Ryan3:27

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